Financial Management

We help you build a solid financial application that serves as the backbone for all your day-to-day business operations. Implement a system to cover typical accounting and billing needs: general ledger, payables, receivables, inventory, sales, purchasing, bank reconciliation, and fixed assets. We can tightly integrate your application to efficiently track and analyze key information, improve productivity, and drive smarter decisions.

Business Intelligence/Reporting Systems

Do you wish a single report could aggregate all the information you need—and be trustworthy enough so you could make proper decisions? We help you turn data into valuable information you can act upon. From advanced analysis to simple ad-hoc reports, we help customers extract the information they need to work smarter.

Business Portals

Deliver access to the data, applications, and services your employees, customers, and business partners need via a Web browser and see them work more efficiently with you. Do you have software running internally that you would like to enable for the internet or your intranet? We have helped many companies put their business on the Web.

Financial & Insurance

Our company is unique in maintaining close associations with other consulting engineers who specialize in similar and different fields. This dynamic network enables us to enlist specialist consulting support where this may be required, and also promotes ongoing peer review. We also place a strong emphasis on continuing education of our staff on all levels. These two policies ensure that we stay in the foreground of new development in the construction fields.

Quality Assurance

The system facilitates the review of the design and development and sets the standard and guidelines required in contract and project management.